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The noble aim of preserving, for posterity, the history of communications resonated with many people who enthusiastically joined this wonderful project. They are experts in different fields, who understand the common goal: the idea of creating a museum worthy of representing a truly unique collection of rare means of communication. Today these enthusiasts, as creative and as motivated as ever, continue to enthusiastically work to develop our project.

The main objective of our Museum is to return cultural values to Russia. I think it is important to revive our interest in Russian history, including the museums. Look deeper! Delve into bygone eras and their attributes! They are extraordinarily exciting!

I am very happy to work at the Museum of Telephone History. After all, I get to see the amazement in children's eyes every day, for example during a tour when they gain first hand experience of what it's like to be a telephone lady and connect subscribers, as well as to communicate using the original telephones from the late 19th to early 20th Century. We see the same look in the adults' eyes when they take part in telephone demonstrations and, as if by 'time machine', get transferred into the century before last. The beauty of the devices is striking ...
It's nice to know that I was there at the very beginning of the Museum of Telephone
History. With pleasure and emotion we recall our first steps, small victories and
achievements. For me it is a unique project that is truly noble and with vital purpose, i.e.
the education of our younger generation. In this age of consumption and material value
domination, we are still able to surprise and inspire people by looking at Russia's and
world history through the prism of these unique handsets.
Now people cannot imagine life without this little machine. Once upon a time it was not so small! I am very glad that people of all ages are interested in this one-and-a-half-century's worth of history. Be among these wonderful phones! It is a pleasure not only for fans of antiques and antiquities but also for those who had no idea that the history of this subject is so long and unique. I thank in advance everyone who shows an interest in our Museum (I promise - you will be interested) and, of course, I am grateful to those who have already v...
I worked with this team recently and I can truly say that such a nice atmosphere I have yet to experience elsewhere! Truly a team! A family! When at work one actually feels at home! Emotional relationships do not create internal stress and, accordingly, there is no problem when delayed or when requiring a day off.
Despite the fact that we have not yet met many of our Moscow colleagues, they always respond positively to common problems. Personally, I really enjoyed working with them, and take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the staff of the Moscow...

Why visit the Museum? Curious children are like researchers; they absorb new knowledge, remember interesting facts and they ask questions. What if, thanks to our tour and the story of Alexander Graham Bell, one of them gains a serious interest in science, inventing and new technology? Adults tend to visit our Museum for a new experience. They want to escape everyday life in our Museum! We make this possible. Familiarity with the Museum's collection; this is not simply examining exhibits hidden away under glass. It is an interactive ‘immersion’ in another...

Talking about the project in general, I would like to thank the 'founder' of the idea of the Museum for giving people the opportunity to access lots of interesting information regarding the history of telephony. The phone is an integral part of our lives. Most people, however, do not even know the names of the inventors of the telephone. They cannot imagine what the first telephones looked like nor how their improvement progressed. The appearance of the Museum will help fill the information gap in this area. In building the collection, I also discovered...
As an architect, I know that a very important quality of any space is the pleasant 'aftertaste' that remains after ones visit. The variety of different people who visited our Museum all said that they left with a pleasant feeling. We feel the same way!
The Museum of Telephone History has a modern and vibrant design. This is a wonderful example of how one man's simple passion grew into something valuable for society. I was glad to participate in this project and it was a great pleasure to cooperate. I wish the Museum further development and prosperity!
Work on the Museum of Telephone History project interested me not only as a journalist but also as a person who enjoys history. Making very informative trips into the past, diving into the fascinating material and information. Discovering new facets of seemingly well-known facts. I don't just write about the Museum: I am also attached to this truly amazing world, which today is so interesting with the multi-faceted presentation at the Museum of Telephone History.