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The «Museum of Telephone History» invites you to visit our fascinating tour and get acquainted with the world's largest collection of telephones, the 'speaking witnesses' of the past. A journey through the halls of the Museum promises many amazing discoveries.

You will see the machine owned by the family of Nicholas II; a device that decorated a table adorned by the Queen of England; Gagarin's headset; learn why you need the letters on the dialer and how the Lady's telephones of the last century looked. Hoof, lyre, cobra, spider, violin, Eiffel Tower, skeleton and grinder, just to name a few. Many other designer items will also be on show. The exhibition includes telephone models from 1876-1970 of the world's leading manufacturers (e.g. Siemens, Ericsson, General Electric, Willard Henderson, etc) and a collection of rare Russian manufactured handsets, such as those from the Krasnaya Zarya Telephone Plant, Lenin Electromechanical Plant, N.K. Geissler etc.

Professional tour guides will offer you the most reliable and the most interesting information, will teach you how to use these rare devices and begin to open the veil of historical mysteries. Museum experts have designed tours for both adults and children. The program consists of two parts: the tour of the exhibition halls and the interactive part, during which you will be able to connect using the phones via a switch and talk through devices which are more than 100 years old. Put yourself in the shoes of the telephone ladies or the military signaller!

And finally - a little bit of magic! At your service - a rare instrument, the miracle exhibit that makes wishes come true. Come on a trip to the Museum of Telephone History and your dreams will certainly come true!