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For Higher Education Institutions

A Museum dedicated to historical curiosities in the language of high technology is an attractive educational site. Within its halls educational lectures are conducted, as well as specialized tours for students of technical colleges and schools, military schools, faculties of rail transport, communications, physics departments, etc. These trips arouse genuine interest among the audience due to the fact that they are filled with diverse information about the principles of the telephone and their use in specific areas.

In 2013, the Museum of Telephone History entered into a long-term partnership with the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. (Prof. MA Bonch). The University and the Museum focused on the implementation of joint educational projects in a format in which the walls of the SUT will be utilized for both temporary and permanent museum exhibitions. In this project, the Museum of Telephone History is planning to host specialized lectures, themed tours, contests and competitions in world and national history about the development of communications and the organization of practice, training and employment of students and graduates of SUT. Thus, having trained as an engineer or manager, they can finally figure out what are their desires and orientations.