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Mastertel is a service provider in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It offers a full range of fixed-line telephony services for businesses of all sizes.

All domestic and foreign service providers operating in the metropolitan region are actively using Mastertel network infrastructure, that covers more than 80% of all commercial facilities, dual-purpose support pillars, all data centers and network hubs for telecom traffic and content exchange. Average distance from an entry point to the company network does not exceed 350 meters.

Mastertel provides communication services in most business centers, establishes reliable communication lines for state institutions and industry holdings, management and construction companies, national corporations and media holdings, medium and large business companies.

For Mastertel, the main priorities are the high quality of customer service, reliability of the services provided and the continuous innovation.

Mastertel has been engaged in the industry since 2000 and is part of the «Prime Business Group» holding.