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New Exhibits

Three new items now grace our museum:

Wall Mounted Telephone (1910), L. M. Ericsson, Sweden.

3-line apparatus with a high-current microphone. This telephone was designed by the Swedish engineers Engerom and Holmström specifically for public call centers. Its microphone could be used as both a transmitter and receiver at the same time. The design included ten wet batteries. Four of the batteries were used in the usual way, whereas the others were used to reinforce the microphone current so that the user (waiting for an answer) could hear the start of his connection. In total, around 500 units of this particular model were produced.

Wall Mounted Device.

1898, Elektrisk Bureau Kristiania, Norway. This device, with induction calling and without a battery box. Carbon headset and electro-magnetic telephone on a hook holder with a polarized ring. The battery is located in a separate box. Made for city networks. Used in Scandinavian countries.

Desktop Telephone.

1893, Elektrisk Bureau Kristiania, Norway.

Desktop telephone with induction calling and a deluxe design. Made of cast iron, this telephone has a curved front section and incorporates a stand with lions paws. The body of the telephone is decorated with Norway's national flower. Was used in well-set private households. One of the most beautiful telephone devices in the whole world!