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The second part of the Telephone History Museum exhibition opened

During 2011 the Museum underwent extensive growth, occupying new spaces and is now presented to its audience with a completely different appearance.

The collection currently consists of more than 1,000 pieces and is the largest collection of retro phones in Europe. Our museum boasts transatlantic cable through which the first international calls were made; Bell’s own telephone; the Ericophone ‘Cobra’ – an incredibly popular Swedish-designed device with minimalistic design; a secret telephone attaché case which used to be owned by one of British Tobacco’s top managers; an English device used by the internal forces head of communications department in the former USSR. Behind each device is an epoch or a life story.

The main aim of the museum is to keep this priceless world heritage of telephone history, to present the different eras of the telephone’s history: from the wooden wall mounted telephones to todays mini-computers with the telephone as a feature.

These exhibits let us follow the telephone’s history from the 18th Century right up to the middle of the 20th Century. Collecting rare telephones and exhibiting them in this manner is a purely social initiative. The museum was originally planned to be a gift to history and technology fans. Now, one year since its opening, it is especially nice to realize that the museum we created has a huge interest among specialists as well as the public at large. Over the course of the year our museum was visited by more than 1,000 people, pretty high considering that it is open on weekends. We plan to grow even more and, in the near future, the Museum of Telephone History will be open in our cultural capital St. Petersburg – commented Vitaly Ezopov, the creator of the collection.

Over the past year, our Museum was visited by many of the central television channel’s film crews, such as journalists from ‘First Channel’, TK ‘MIR’, NTV, ‘Stolitsa’ and many others. Several documentary films and television programs have been made.

Free trips are organized for interested parties on a regular basis. Groups of school children, corporate groups and private individuals, in fact anyone interested in technology may visit our museum! It has gained an excellent reputation among guests and industry specialists alike, all of whom have visited our exhibitions more than once.