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The French self-taught engineer Clement Ader was born on April 2, 1841 in the small town of Muret (Haute-Garonne). He gained greatest fame for his work in the field of aviation. His name has a special place of honor in the first row of inventors and builders of real planes. However, Clement Ader is also the father of many inventions in the field of electrical engineering and mechanics.

His youth was in a period of rapid development of technology in all areas of human activity. By the age of fifteen Clement was keenly interested in technical innovations in the automotive and communications industries. As a result, he chose the career of an engineer.

Having studied electrical engineering in 1878 Clement perfected the Bell phone. Ader designed and patented the device ready for operation. In 1880 the inventor was one of the founders of the first telephone companies in France and began to create Paris' first telephone network.

Thanks to his invention Clement earned a gret deal of money, the majority of which he decided to spend on the development of aviation. But he did not stop his experiments in the field of electrical engineering.

In 1881, Clement Ader invented the théâtrophone - a system of sound transmission by wire (wire broadcasting prototype). This system made binaural hearing available and allowed the public to distinguish the location of the actors on stage. Creating a sensitive microphone, Clement discovered the stereo effect. This made possible the use of stereo to listen to operas at a distance of 3km from the theater. In the same year, 1881, it was used to convey a Paris Opera performance across telephone lines to the Industrial Exhibition Hall in Paris (12 microphones were used). Thus, 48 listeners could listen to opera using two headphones each. The device caused a stir among the visitors and attracted the attention of entrepreneurs.

The Compagnie du Théâtrophone, founded in Paris in 1890, used Ader's invention for over 40 years to transmit live music and performances from various theaters on special phones installed in hotels, cafes, etc. as well as regular phone subscribers.

Thanks to Clement Ader's invention, wire broadcasting lines were created between Paris and Brussels (1887), Paris and London (1891).