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Most of the exhibits brought to your attention are rare items with interesting stories full of secrets and mysteries. Our museum offers its visitors modern high-tech solutions, so that you can independently familiarize yourself with the unique telephone sets of the late XIX - mid XX century and obtain the most reliable and comprehensive information about them.

You can also enjoy exclusive tours to museum halls with a demonstration of remarkable samples representing the main stages of communications evolution.

Музей сегодня Museum today

The Museum’s exhibitions are based on a unique collection of handsets and accessories from the end of the 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century.

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История телефона Telephone history

Ever since ancient times people have sought to transmit information over long distances.

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Экскурсии Excursions

Professional tour guides will offer you the most reliable and the most interesting information, will teach you how to use these rare devices and begin to open the veil of historical mysteries.

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Начало презентации Collection

The Museum of Telephone History invites you to visit our fascinating tour and get acquainted with the world's largest collection of telephones.

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In June 1789 a priest called Claude Chappe arrived in Paris. A few days later, at the Etoile outpost, he demonstrated his…


The first experiments on long distance telephone connections were conducted in Russia by the military. In the army, the testing…


The inventor P.M. Golubitsky is considered to be the founder of Russian telephony.

P.M. Golubitsky was born on 16…