Museum of Telephone History invites you to visit the fascinating excursion and learn about the world's largest collection of telephones – «talking» witnesses of the past. Travelling through the museum halls will bring you many amazing discoveries along the way.

You are going to see a device that belonged to the family of Nicholas II; a specimen that once adorned the queen's table; Gagarin’s phone. You will find out why there are letters on the dialer and what a ladies’ phone looked like in the beginning of the last century. 

You can observe a «hoof» and a «lyre», a «cobra» and a «spider», a «violin» and an «Eiffel Tower», a «skeleton» and a «coffee grinder» as well as many other designer artefacts. The exposition includes telephone sets from 1876-1970s produced by the world's leading manufacturers (Siemens, Ericsson, General Electric, Willard Henderson) and a collection of rare telephones from Russian manufacturers: the Krasnaya Zarya factory, the Lenin Telephone Factory, the Geisler Electromechanical Plant and other. 

Professional tour guides will not only share some amazing facts with you; they will also teach you how to use all those rarities. Museum employees have developed full-fledged excursions for adults and adapted tours for children. The program of the visit consists of two parts: a walk through the exposition and an interactive part, during which you can connect telephone sets using a switchboard, talk on the phone designed over 100 years ago and try yourself as a «telephone lady» or a military signalman – all by yourself.  

And then, finally – some intrigue and a little magic! A miracle exhibit of fulfilling desires is right here at your service; come visit the Museum of Telephone History, and your dreams will come true!