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Every sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 the Museum of Telephone History waits for you to join our club. You will discover the most amazing parts of our planet, learn more about the myths and legends of Ancient Russia, The holidays of different nations, plunge into the secret world of animals and underwater kingdoms ...

And not to forget, this time as a connoisseur of the club, take part in games and competitions, the winners of which will receive well-deserved prizes.

In our club you will also learn how to decrypt messages using the code of one of the alphabets - Schelling, Chappe brothers or Morse! Also, experimental classes of entertaining physics, where you will learn how sound is transmitted by wire, how the microphone works and many more.

And also, like today's inventor, you can create your own acoustic phone (out of plastic cups, matchbooks and twine) and use it to talk with your friends!