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Museum of Telephone History exhibits receive honorary status of ‘Monument of Science and Technology of Russia’

Our Museum presented six special items to the special advisory council: a ship telephone system by E.V. Kolbasev, a desk phone designed by D. Phelps, an electromagnetic telephone by the Western Union Telegraph Company, two desktop telephones produced by both Ericsson and Siemens and a Mix & Genest telephone, which belonged to the royal family.
"We are proud that our Museum houses exhibits of such world importance. Not every museum can boast this accolade! The six special telephone apparatus were officially deemed as ‘first-rate monuments of science and technology’ and received certificates to this effect”, said Yulia Zavadskaja, Director of the Museum of Telephone History.
The scientific program ‘Monuments of science and technology in Russia’ is implemented by the Polytechnic Museum to preserve our national heritage in the field of science, engineering and industrial technology and has been in operation since 1992. During this time, 1,113 items have received the coveted status in 84 Russian museums. Also taking part in the program are public and private science and technology museums, museums of higher educational institutions, factories and enterprises, local history and memorial institutions, etc.
"It is not an exaggeration to call the collection at the Museum of Telephone History a treasure trove of artifacts. Each passing month sees the unveiling of new exhibits of cultural and historical value in our Moscow and St. Petersburg museums. I am confident that, ahead of MIT, there are more than a dozen similar monuments of science and technology," added Yulia Osmolovskaya.