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Mastertel brings a piece of London into its office

This iconic device is considered to be one of the most remarkable items of the whole collection. Staff members of the company also enjoyed this ‘gift’ very much. Many people with a great interest in telecommunications follow the development of the collection and join free tours by the Honored Telecommunications Worker of Russia, Valentina Goldayevskaya and even volunteer their old device to add to the collection.


In 1921 the English General Post Office introduced the standardized London telephone booth. It was painted red and had a glass door. Its roof was made like a chiseled javelin.

This design was finally arrived at after much discussion. City authorities, looking for a solution, announced a tender for the design of a new telephone booth.

The winner was Giles Scott, who offered his traditional English style design. In his opinion, the glass panels had to be divided into 18 sections. This would have made the construction more robust and would make repair easier.

He insisted on having his telephone booth painted in silver. The General Post Office, however, preferred red, saying that, in thick London fog, the bright scarlet color would be easier to see.