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Mastertel opens The Museum of Telephone History

Among guests were: the author of the book ‘Telephone’, Vladimir Krasik as well as journalists from public and high profile publishers and Moscow and St. Petersburg television channels. All of them encountered our first ever guided tour, led by Goldayevskaya Valentina Ivanovna, a telecommunications expert.

Guests at the event could view more than 500 exhibits. Telephones from most of the world’s manufacturers, spanning the years 1876 to 1970, were all on show in the museum. There is also a collection of rare telephone devices made by Russian manufacturers. Vitaly Ezopov brought visitor’s attention to the 1895 Ericsson telephone, (also known as the Spider) which became a trade-mark of the Company as well as the original Siemens model from 1887, which used a microphone and speaker simultaneously. During a non-formal discussion after the tour all visitors agreed that the creation of such a museum is a good example of the socially oriented initiative of Russia’s business society representatives. This is a promising and very beneficial idea. “This museum enables us to compare the dynamics of telephone development through the centuries”, commented Vladimir Krasik (author of the book entitled ‘Telephone’) on Vitaly Ezopov’s initiative. “The Exhibition demonstrates the ‘whole picture’ and highlights the people and countries behind telecommunications industry’s history. This helps us form the whole image of telecommunications history.”

The main idea of the museum is to keep this priceless telephone history world heritage, to capture the changes in each technological era (from the wooden wall mounted telephones to today’s mini computers with the telephone as one of its applications). The collection impresses us and reminds us that smartphones didn’t always exist and that, previously, to hear another person from a distance, one had to really make oneself heard! The Museum vividly demonstrates that telecommunications as we know it is the result of the long and persistent labor of a whole plethora of Russian and world-wide inventors and scientists: P.M. Golubitskiy, P.N. Yablochkov, A.S. Popov, A.G. Bell, N. Tesla, T. Edisson, S. Morse, G. Marconi, A. Meucci and many others.