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Telephone History Museum to participate in ‘Multimedia in the Museum: Challenges, Problems and Implementation’ conference

On 22-23rd October an international conference entitled ‘Multimedia in the Museum: Challenges, Problems and Implementation’ will take place in St. Petersburg. During the event, the Museum of Telephone History (MIT) will present a report entitled ‘The Telephone on the Phone.’

In addition, MIT will present its smartphone mobile app. Anyone can virtually walk through the halls of this unique Museum, learn interesting facts about the telephone, as well as obtaining information about the exhibits in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which were collected over the last seven years from all over the world. Information is currently available in Russian and English but there are plans to expand to 10 languages. Those without a smartphone will be able to use the audio guides, which offer detailed descriptions about the history of each telephone on display.

The conference plans to present the best multimedia projects followed by discussion, as well as round-table discussions on current issues. These include the application of new technologies in the Museum, the exhibition and the Museum’s educational activities.

The event is aimed at museum professionals, exhibition curators, museum project leaders, development experts, in fact individuals whose interests are consistent with the stated theme.