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Museum of Telephone History takes part in the international ‘Biblionoch-2015’ event

All guests will receive a special evening program:
Poetic call from the red telephone booth.
Poetry - a bright page of someone's life and, like diaries, experiences and impressions translated by poets into rhymed lines that perpetuate a particular day and moment.
Museum visitors can immerse themselves in a romantic spring mood by reading a poem of their choice over the London telephone and speak with friends and family.

An evening at the old gramophone.
Visitors will be participants in the cozy get-togethers with the sound of ancient music and learn all about the history and culture of keeping a diary. The diary is a very popular form of presentation of thoughts. The shape and content of diaries change but the essence remains the same. What is a diary? What features has a diary and how useful can a diary be?
Excerpts from the diaries of telephone operators will be featured on this special evening, as well as well-known personalities in the history of communications and their contemporaries.

Film Screening (Telephone Stories)
In this magical night at the Museum we will hold the premiere of some short films using objects from the collection of the Museum of Telephone History:
‘History of the deceived undertaker’ is a Retro film about an unusual variant of revenge that comes to mind of a deceived businessman.

Art installation ERICOFONE
All visitors will be shown an art installation with the cult Swedish phones (called ERICOFONEs), a repeating ad poster from the 1950s and the ability to take a free selfie for good memories!