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The Museum Night at the museum of telephone history

The Chief of Telephone Central Office greeted every visitor as a party host. Giving a brief overview of the development of telephone communication, he invited guests to take their seats and observe how the fashion for clothes and telephones had been going through dramatic changes during the last 150 years. Exquisite garments and bulky devices of the 19th century, bold suits of the 1920s and modernist phones, funny outfits and bright handsets of the 1960s, to name but a few, were all displayed at the theatrical educational show on the catwalk of the Museum of Telephone History.

In addition, rare telephones from different epochs were exhibited in the museum halls, including such as "Skeleton", "Cobra", "Robot", "Lyre", and many others. The show was repeated every 20-25 minutes throughout the Museum Night for each new group of visitors.