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The device was manufactured at the VEF (Valsts Elektrotehniska Fabrika - State Electrotechnical Plant) in 1938. It is known that, on 10th June 1919, the Head of the Department of Post and Telegraph of Latvia, Eduards Kadiķis, issued an order instructing Alexander Tipaynis to organize and lead workshops for the repair of equipment used in the industry. Workshops were based on the old mechanical workshops of the former Post and Telegraph Riga District of Russia. They had been returned to Riga thanks to A. Tipaynis’ efforts in early 1919 (during the government of P. Stuchka) after the evacuation from Tver.

Each workshop had 5 workers. In addition to the repair of equipment, the manufacture of various devices took place. Workers were originally housed in the administration building. In 1924, however, due to increased work volume (there were already more than 300 people employed), the staff quarters were transferred to a five-storey building of the former pawnshop on Slokas Street 2 (which now houses archives). By the summer of 1928 staff had completely moved into the workshops of the WWI evacuated Kharkiv Union Brīvības gatvē 19 plant. With the autumn 1928 formation of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs (PTD), workshops were called PTDGD and, in 1929, the State Electrotechnical Plant Pērkons was introduced. In 1932 the name VEF (Valsts Elektrotehniska Fabrika - state electrotechnical plant) was chosen.