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In Moscow in the Kamergerskiy Lane and in St. Petersburg at Dvortsovaya Square field telephones were presented. The centerpiece of both cities was a tent resembling a small hut, where headquarters were located. In each tent spot-lights highlighted each different telephone. Guides wearing Great Patriotic War badges showed visitors how, during the war, telephone connections were stretched to the battle-front.

Visiting he Museum of telephone History one could see not only fascinating artifacts. For example, in St. Petersburg citizens and guests were able to become ‘participants’ in the process and talk on the phone (like in wartime). In addition, everyone took a master class where signalers explained to visitors all the details of the handsets operation and methods for producing the electric charge in the field.

At sites around the Field Museum of Telephone History, exhibition guests were greeted with accordion renditions from the war years. All were invited to sing war songs with them. There were also field kitchens, where all were treated to soldier's porridge and tea. It should be noted that the historical exhibits presented raised great interest among the young defenders of the Fatherland and veterans alike.

The Museum of Telephone History in Moscow and St. Petersburg owe a debt of gratitude and a tribute to all veterans. The organization of such events helps to tell the complete and informative story of the merits of our signalers who have taken a difficult path to victory.

Congratulations, dear veterans!