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Video depicting our museum. Originally shown on the Nas Pozvali Show (TVJAM Internet Television Channel)

On this occasion the TVJAM Internet Channel sent a film crew from the Nas Pozvali TV Show (HYPERLINK "http://www.tvjam.ru" www.tvjam.ru). TVJAM is Internet television accessible to all Internet users.

In today's modern world, mobile connection plays a vast role and its influence on modern life can’t be undervalued. Millions of people now have a mobile phone. The mobile phone allows the user to be aware of many events and happenings around the world. It wasn’t always this way, however. Mobile connection didn’t appear in an instant and was the result of a long and protracted development. It has its own unique history.

The Channel's film crew decided to come face to face with the ancestors of this essential gadget and to delve into its history. There is no better place to get complete and comprehensive information on the history of the telephone than the Telephone History Museum itself!

This exciting tour of the museum was run by the telecommunications specialist Vladimir Zukor.

See the video at Nas Pozvali (TVJAM).