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The phone's name comes from the word ‘Larynx’. The ‘Laryngophone’ earned its name thanks to its handset design. The microphone was pressed to ones throat and voice vibrations were transmitted directly to the microphone. As a result of applying the handset’s microphone directly to the larynx, the sound was transmitted without interference from extraneous noise from the environment.

Many people used this phone from a hygienic point of view, since it was not necessary to hold the phone’s microphone to the mouth. This system was not widely used in civil telephony (rather, such devices were used in factories and other industries). At the same time, the principle of voice transmission was actively used at military installations around the world.

For a short time this device was used in busy public places for emergency calls.

The Laryngophone by the «The TELEPHONE MANFG.CO.LTD» The Laryngophone by the «The TELEPHONE MANFG.CO.LTD»