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The Telephone History Museum participates in 'Museums, Parks and Manors Competition'

The Telephone History Museum of Moscow, which boasts Russia's largest collection of telephone related artifacts, traditionally takes part in the annual students competition called 'Museums, Parks and Manors'. The event will run from 1st November 2014 until May 2015.
MIT has earned an excellent reputation among exhibition visitors. For example, last year the Museum of Telephone History ranked among the most popular museums among schoolchildren. This rating was established by Moscow students who visited the previous competition in the 'cultural' Capital. This year's exhibition allows participants to take a fascinating journey back in time to look through the unique selection of handsets and accessories from bygone eras.
The competition is a continuation of a long established tradition in the Capital. Similar themes may be found within the 'Family travel' and 'Night at the Museum' projects: i.e. the uniting of the museums and parks of Moscow with regard to educational and recreational activities. During the competition, students will visit interesting museums, parks and farms in Moscow and perform certain tasks (all involving interaction with some form of cultural heritage).
This year's competition involves more than 60 museums, parks and estates, which means that there is something interesting for everyone! The event was initiated by the Department of Education in collaboration with Moscow's Department of Culture.