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The Museum of Telephone History holds a number of charity events

Beneficiaries include orphaned-children thanks to events such as; 'Time to Help', 'Golden Pelican' and 'Step Forward'. We offered free tours of our modern and technologically rich Museum in St. Petersburg. The event was attended by over 90 people. Our Museum staff welcomed guests with open arms and spoke about how much the telephone has changed over the last two centuries; the telephone has been transformed from the early wooden household devices into today's miniature computers. Children showed great interest in the Ancient Chinese 'telephone': two plastic cups with a string connecting them!
In addition, as part of the tour, the children were given the opportunity to try for themselves how hard it was to work as a signalman in the military field. They were given the chance to discover all the secrets of the switchboard. And finally - a little bit of magic! Each participant made a special wish by dropping a coin into the miracle wishing machine!
According to the head of the group, children always enjoy attending such events. They remember their experience with us and express their emotions in drawings.
"The main purpose of our Museum is not only to 'tell', but to teach to create, to create something new and to help visitors to understand the principle of the most important attributes of modern life. Until the end of the year, we plan to hold exciting master classes for these children, in which they will be able to learn how to use an acoustic telephone, a symbol of peace, kindness and love and, of course, New Year holidays, which bring Christmas tree decorations and cards of congratulations. Children can express their creativity and imagination by creating Christmas gifts. To see the children's enthusiastic and amazed looks is the most important way we can evaluate our work,'' said Julia Zavadskaja, Director of the Museum of Telephone History.