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The Journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg

With the aid of special glasses, anyone can walk through the exhibition and see for themself the unique collection of vintage phones. This technology helps to create a ‘presence effect’ and the opportunity to explore any museum exhibit in detail. Taking a virtual tour, the visitor gets a complete picture of the cultural objects on show.

"The virtual tour of the Museum in St. Petersburg, where I've never been, is really amazing and arouses unforgettable emotions,” commented Anastasia, a museum visitor. “The experience is exploratory in nature and offers a tantalizing taste of the Museum, so much so that I was even more eager to come and see everything firsthand that these fantastic glasses were showing me!"

"Our high-tech Museum is always striving to keep up with the times. Using the latest advances in technology, we make sure that our exhibitions are interesting and attractive to the younger generation. Only the introduction of modern technologies will help us to maintain this interest and drive a desire among young people to learn and study history. We are pleased that, thanks to this innovation, our audience will increase significantly. Through the halls of our Museum, even if virtual, will pass visitor and guest alike," said Yulia Zavadskaja, Director of the Museum of Telephone History.

We wish to add that this technological application, which offers visitors virtual tours, has been developed specifically for the Museum of Telephone History by the Skolkovo-based company, Panorics.

"We aim to create unique technologies by immersing the user, located in another part of the world, in real space. The latest imaging technology and cross-linking of the spherical video, developed by our engineers and scientists, allows you to enjoy a completely different experience. In fact, we are creating a teleportation user experience, which was not possible until now. The work carried out in conjunction with the Museum of Telephone History and the company Planet360 (www.planet360.ru), is the perfect embodiment of the possibilities of spherical video technology and has great social significance: because now you can visit another city or another country simply by wearing virtual reality goggles installed in the Museum." said Alexey Bochkarev, CEO of Panorics.