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The Museum of Telephone History invites you into the world of surprising discoveries, presenting a unique collection of telephones - talking witnesses of the past!

The chronicle of the Museum of Telephone History begins in November 2010. It was then, in Mastertel's Moscow office that the first exhibition of vintage telephones (from late 19th to mid 20th Century) took place. Since then the collection has been replenished annually by hundreds of new exhibits, growing both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The Museum of Telephone History promptly began cooperating with leading cultural institutions and institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Among its partners are the Polytechnical Museum, one of the largest science museums in the world; the A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, one of the oldest science museums in the world; the Moscow City Telephone Network Museum of History and Development, etc. Thousands of visitors, including school children, students and pensioners have already visited the Museum.

In May 2013 Mastertel expanded the horizons of its new large-scale project by opening the high-tech Museum of Telephone History in the historic center of the northern Capital, near the Smolny Cathedral and the Tavricheskiy Sad. The Museum is located in a modern hi-tech style building, with interiors designed by a team of leading architects and designers. According to the Museum creators, such eclecticism (vintage telephones housed in a building made of metal and glass) emphasizes the particularly valuable nature of the exhibits from the past.

The exhibition plan was laid out with great care and helps to ensure that your stay in the Museum will be as comfortable as possible. The entrance to the building and movement through its halls are easily accessible to people with disabilities: there are special stairs and elevators.

The Museum of Telephone History has a special personal approach to each visitor. Friendly and responsive Museum staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Individual-, group- and family-outings are on offer. Professional tour guides offer you the most reliable and interesting information, will teach you how to use old devices and slightly lift the veil off some historical mysteries.

Another advantage of the Museum of Telephone History is its interactive tours. All visitors have free access to authentic telephones from the 19th-20th Centuries as well as the opportunity to get 'in touch' with the history one-to-one: almost every collection exhibit features a unique QR-code containing information about the item. It features voice and video narration for exhibits and off site exhibitions, photos and a detailed description of any phone of interest.The Museum currently offers visitors audio guides in two languages ​(Russian and English) but soon they will 'speak' in German, Spanish, Chinese and French.

The Museum offers merchandise to the most sophisticated of tastes, from pens to unique copies of items from the Museum's collection. We sell exclusive t-shirts, mugs, magnets, decorative plates, bags and other souvenirs, all embelished with our Museum of Telephone History logo.

Would you like to hear a personal electronic guide? You need only place your iPod next to the QR-code image at each exhibit and scan it.

You can use your own smartphone by downloading the Museum of Telephone History free app for Android and iPhone and then take a virtual stroll through the Museum without leaving your home!

Another bonus for our visitors is free access to Wi-Fi.