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The author, initiator and inspirer of the project & History Museum Phone & spoke CEO «Mastertel» Vitaly Ezopov.

A sincere desire to make a collection of ancient artifacts publicly available, showing the importance of corporate social responsibility to the community, helped Vitaly, a creative and active person, to unite similar caring individuals around this wonderful idea.

The Museum’s exhibitions are based on a unique collection of handsets and accessories from the end of the 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century. They have been collected from around the world for many years now. All sorts of resources were utilized to obtain such rare examples.

The exhibits were purchased at auctions (specialized trades, antique online auctions) and from private individuals and museums (for example, we purchased a complete private telephone collection from Geneva, Switzerland). At the moment, the collection continues to grow with new specimens, including those donated by individuals.

The main objective of the Museum of Telephone History project, which the creators set for themselves, is the preservation of invaluable historical, cultural and scientific heritage in the field of telecommunications, the active popularization of science and technology among young people, the expansion of contemporary notions about how this means of communication has changed over the past two hundred years.

The employees of the Museum of Telephone History continue to engage in research, studying archives and collecting every fact about the history of telephony in Russia. Research papers are published on the Museum website (see ‘History’); new information is placed in social networks.All the activities of the Museum are aimed at implementing its main purpose - to maintain, to educate, to develop.

When he was passionate about the history telephony escalated into a fundamental collection, the idea to create a museum hosts the largest collection of rare Russian telephone.