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Ezopov Vitaly


The main objective of our Museum is to return cultural values to Russia. I think it is important to…

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Svetlana Kozlova

Director of the museum in Moscow

Для меня работа в «Музее Истории Телефона» является увлекательнейшим занятием. В современное время…

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Цукор Владимир Дмитриевич


Проработав в отрасли связи более 55 лет, меня в настоящее время в большей степени заинтересовала…

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Nickolay Agavelov


Talking about the project in general, I would like to thank the 'founder' of the idea of the Museum for…

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Julia Venneker


It's nice to realize that I’ve been involved with the Museum of Telephone History from the its…

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Alyona Shapoval

Mass media coordinator

Life flows and changes. It is important to preserve knowledge and pass it on to future generations. In…

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Tatyana Romanova

Brand identity designer

The Museum of Telephone History is a modern and lively project. This is a wonderful example of how…

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Evgenya Ananicheva

Interior designer

I love Museum of Telephone History, its every telephone and every employee! This is a super project…

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Alexey Dunayev

Facility architect

We aimed to design the Museum building as open as possible, facing the city and the existing urban…

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Marianna Zapolskaya

Facility architect

It was very important for us to consider the historical context of the location while working on…

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Elena Korotkova

St. Petersburg museum architect

What I really value about any space as an architect is this aftertaste of the visit. And different…

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Саакян Григорий


Посетив Музей, вы увидите обширнейшую коллекцию аппаратов, исторически значимых для всего…

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Tamara Ururmyan

Tour guide

As a tour guide I am interested in the era of the late 19th – early 20th century scientific boom;…

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