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Ezopov Vitaly Ezopov Vitaly


The main objective of our Museum is to return cultural values to Russia. I think it is important to revive…

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Agavelov Nicholas Agavelov Nicholas


Talking about the project in general, I would like to thank the 'founder' of the idea of the Museum for…

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Svetlana Kozlova Svetlana Kozlova

Director Of The Museum In Moscow

Для меня работа в «Музее Истории Телефона» является увлекательнейшим занятием. В современное время…

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Korotkova Elena Korotkova Elena


As an architect, I know that a very important quality of any space is the pleasant 'aftertaste' that…

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Podkopaeva Julia Podkopaeva Julia

Project Manager

It's nice to know that I was there at the very beginning of the Museum of Telephone History. With pleasure…

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Tatiana Romanova Tatiana Romanova


The Museum of Telephone History has a modern and vibrant design. This is a wonderful example of how one…

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Tyuneva Janna Tyuneva Janna


Work on the Museum of Telephone History project interested me not only as a journalist but also as a person…

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