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Through the partnership the University and The Telephone History Museum (MIT) plan to implement joint educational projects for the promotion of MIT and the SUT in the field of cultural events for the establishment of permanent and temporary MIT exhibitions in the walls of SUT. As a platform for international dialogue and exchange of experiences, MIT plans to organize practices, training and employment of students and graduates of SUT, conducting specialized lectures, thematic tours , contests and competitions in the world and national history of communication for students and graduates.

Commenting on the partnership, Rector of SUT Sergei Bachevskiy noted that cooperation with MIT will help the University to achieve a leading position in educating of highly qualified personnel in telecommunications and information technologies in Russia, vigorously develop education, research and innovation activities on an equal and mutually beneficial basis.

The idea of a creation MIT in Moscow and St. Petersburg belongs to Exexutive Director of telecommunications company Mastertel Vitaly Ezopov. His fascination with the history of telephony has grown into a fundamental collection of old telephones, and later in the patronage project.

"The main tasks, which the Museum of History Phone and SUT plan to implement, combining the joint force - is education and promotion of the history of communication, raising the status the telecommunications industry professions. We are confident that the planned lectures by experts of MIT and Mastertel for the students and guests of SUT on the most timely issues of the industry will cause a lot of interest of university students and guests and give them the opportunity to combine theory and practice. The Telephone History Museum and Connection Service Provider Mastertel are happy to share their experience and knowledge, and to contribute to the education and development of young people in shaping the views and goals in their chosen profession , "- said Executive Director of Mastertel and founder of The Telephone History Museum Vitaly Ezopov.