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The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Committee on Information and Communications Ivan Alexandrovich Gromov, who noted the high importance of establishing such a museum for the development of communication industry and promotion of this sector among the residents of St. Petersburg.

Telephone History Museum is a private project, which aims to store priceless world heritage items relating to telephone communications, thereby passing invaluable knowledge on to our young generation: how has communications evolved over the last few centuries, how has it influenced society’s development, how telephone devices have been transformed from wooden home furnishing objects into today’s miniature telephone-computers.

The wonderful world of vintage telephones, telegraphs, switches, and other means of communication, which became the progenitors of modern communication gadgets, opened to all residents and visitors of the northern capital. The museum is the largest in Russia by the number of exhibits and unique content. From the first phone to Bell's large wooden phones, past beautiful and elegant handmade machines to more modern and recognizable by the older generation stretches the thread of telephone history.

Through the active participation of the telecommunications company Mastertel and the dedicated work of leading architects and designers, partners and experts in the field of communication, it has become possible to create a unique Museum of the Telephone History, where everything is done for the people sake and benefit.

"Education and the preservation of cultural heritage is a powerful drive in the development of the Museum and cultural life of the country as a whole. Seeing the enthusiastic children's looks, smiles of the elderly and the grateful faces of people with disabilities - the most important appreciation of our work. And this is just the beginning, "- says the collector and the initiator of the project Vitaly Ezopov. "I 'm very proud of the fact that, to date, an impressive exhibition, surpassing in its qualitative composition many famous European museums, has been opened. On a global scale, this is a very decent claim. The creation of the Museum has been going on for many years, and now, having opened the Museum in St. Petersburg, we are continuing to develop. The Museum in Moscow has already gained an excellent reputation among guests and industry experts visited the exhibition. We hope that in St. Petersburg, it will be well appreciated by residents and the city visitors, and will rise in line with the well-known and loved by all travelers landmarks. "