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Providing Connection at Eras Exhibition in GUM

The main sponsor and inspiration for the event was Mastertel, leading operator in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Historical artifacts from the late 19th to early 20th centuries blended seamlessly with GUM’s architectural style, offering testament to the spirit of their epoch.

Within a month all visitors to the store will be whisked into the amazing distant past as if by time-machine, back to the age old times ‘witnessed’ by the exhibited telephones. From the beautiful, large, wooden phones, past the wonderful and amazing telephones with unusual dialers and original designs, to the more familiar apparatus (in terms of design and functionality): so the tread of telephone history stretches!

The history of the telephone has its roots in the distant past. The need to pass information over significant distances has always been natural to humankind even as far back as ancient times. At different times in history, there were different means of communication: e.g. couriers, drums, secret signs like the color of a sail, fire, smoke, etc. It was only after several centuries that scientists and inventors racked their brains to create a more convenient and efficient way to transfer information.

Commenting on the opening of the exhibition, the collector and the Executive Director of Mastertel, Vitaly Ezopov, stressed the importance of this event held in GUM. He noted that the organization of such an exhibition in the heart of the capital, in a favorite place of Muscovites and visitors alike, is a significant event for our museum and for Moscow’s cultural life.
Mr. Ezopov expressed appreciation and gratitude to the company BOSCO DI CILIEGI for their help and support in organizing the exhibition and greatly appreciated the proactive cultural activities of the company, aimed at promoting art and culture.

The main aim of the Telephone History Museum is to display priceless world heritage items relating to telephone communications, thereby passing invaluable knowledge on to our younger generation. For example: how has communications evolved over the last few centuries, how has it influenced society’s development, how telephone devices have been transformed from wooden objects like the domestic wall-mounted telephone into today’s miniature telephone-computers. Today, we are so used to our comforts that we scarcely dwell on the fact that the modern telephone is the result of the long and pains taking labor of a whole plethora of inventors. Among them are such distinguished Russian and foreign scientists like: P.M. Golubitskiy, P.N. Yablochkov, A.S. Popov, A.G. Bell, N. Tesla, T. Edison, S. Morse, G. Marconi, A. Meucci and many others.