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Formal opening of exhibition World War Two Technical Connection Means

The festive event was organized by Mastertel together with Central Museum of Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition was opened by The Museum of Great Patriotic War Vice Director in the area of exposition and exhibition Victor Skryabin. Executive Director of Mastertel Vitaly Ezopov spoke with a greeting speech. He congratulated everybody attended with the anniversary of a Great Victory and spoke about stages of evolvement and plans of the museum development and also thanked everybody attended for an interest in the exhibition.

In the north part of The Zal Polkovodtsev, where the ceremony took place, there were many guests, who after the cutting of a red ribbon finishing the ceremony, could get to know exponents in details and listen to an interesting excursion by Vladimir Tsukor The Museum of Telephone History consultant.

All attended the ceremony spoke unanimously about the unique historic and cultural heritage of The Museum of Telephone History and about importance of such initiatives for bringing up future generations.

The exhibition opening became a real celebration giving everybody attended great spirits.