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At the Museum of Telephone History you will see a large and varied collection of vintage phones. Some of them belonged to famous people – the son of the last Russian Czar Nicholas II, Queen of England, the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, etc.

You will also be shown lyre and fiddle, spider and cobra, hoof and skeleton. I wonder why these phones have such unusual names? You will be told!

And you, as if in a time machine, can move to a different historical era and connect yourself via the telephone wall switch, as did once a telephone lady, as well as military-connected field devices, as a military signaller!

After our little trip to the Museum you will take part in a 'Logic chain contest', 'Who is the fastest to put together a puzzle' and other theme quizes. We are confident, that you can handle them easily and be able to participate in a free photo shoot, photographed with mansize costume figures, as well as call home from a British telephone box! Come visit the Museum of Telephone HIstory!

Here you can fulfill all of your dreams: they are only as precious as the strength of your belief in them and ... put the coin of dreams into a miracle machine and it will grant you your wishes!